Private: FLY Dance Company: Breakin’ Classical

Austad Auditorium, 7:00pm

FLY Dance Company: Breakin' Classical

Break, groove, and bust a move
Utah Symphony
Thursday, March 16 at 7PM

Alan & Jeanne Hall Foundation

The ground-breaking artists of Fly Dance Company take classical and turns it on its head – often literally. Blending classical music and street dance since the early ‘90s, Fly Dance Company is moving symphonic music into the 21st century with youthful energy, risk-taking movement, and clever choreography. This is “theatrical hip hop” – think pops and locks set to Bach.  This crew does more than bust a move – they bridge worlds and promote harmony between seemingly contrary cultures, everywhere from local schools to Lincoln Center. With Fly Dance Company’s “wholesome entertainment, universal appeal” (New York Times) and your distinctive Utah Symphony, this is the perfect family night for old-school and new-school fans to feel the thrill of live performance. 

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