October 30, 2024 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Peery’s Egyptian Theater

Nosferatu Live-to-Film with Cameron Carpenter

Classic Horror & the Mighty Wurlitzer

Wednesday, October 30, at 7:30PM

Peery’s Egyptian Theater

Imagine going to the movies in the 1920s: entering a glamorous showhouse and seeing a silent era film come alive with the mighty Wurlitzer. This Halloween season, we’re time-traveling back to 1924 to celebrate 100 years of Peery’s Egyptian Theatre with a live-to-picture performance of the horror masterpiece Nosferatu, complete with spine-chilling live music. Before vampires sparkled or looked like Robert Pattinson, director F.W. Murnau created the ultimate genre-defining, blood-sucking classic. Now revolutionary organist Cameron Carpenter has reconstructed Nosferatu’s lost original score on his International Touring Organ, a first-of-its-kind instrument of his own design. An “extravagantly talented” composer/performer, “everything [Carpenter] touches turns fantastical and memorable” (NYT). Relive Peery’s Egyptian as it was with a haunting cinema night that’ll have you shaking in your seat.